Tips for setting up a Ski-Doo snowmobile

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A trail snowmobile customized to your unique riding tastes and style might be the difference between a decent ride and finding something extraordinary. Let us shed some light on the ideal customized sled configuration for your size, riding style, and terrain.

Choose the Best Windshield for Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Wind protection is a key consideration when deciding whether to add a few more kilometers or stop for the day early. Your preferred windscreen for your sled will depend on your riding style and regular riding circumstances. There are many alternatives available, from minimal to extremely high wind protection and even movable windshields. Side panel deflectors that guide the wind around your body can provide even more protection while also assisting in keeping you warm.

Position of the throttle and brake levers

Your sled's movement is ultimately controlled by the throttle and brake levers on your Ski-Doo snowmobile skis. Having them placed is crucial so you can manage them the most comfortable. Do not be reluctant to modify them for comfort and elegance. Although it depends on personal inclination, the majority of Ski-Doo snowmobile riders align the throttle lever with the handlebar. You can fully control the throttle and have a full range of motion by setting it so that it is approximately an inch from the inner edge of the hand grip.

Most riders usually position their index finger in the middle or somewhat at the bottom of the brake lever, which should be perpendicular to the handlebar on the brake side. In this posture, you have maximum control and strength while applying pressure.

Handlebar Height and Position

One of the most important parts of the Ski-Doo snowmobile setup that is sometimes ignored is the proper location and height of the handlebar riser. There are several different heights for handlebar risers. Additionally, they are available with adjustable riser choices to accommodate various riders or adapt to varying demands. Ensure that your riser is always perpendicular to the sled's steering post. This offers you a stronger leverage point and the fewest inputs from the skis through the handlebars.

Rolling the bars will allow you to adjust your handlebar position further. Simply release the four screws and the handlebar's pivot to move the bars a few millimeters for the perfect riding.

With several handlebar grips, you may further tailor the handlebars' feel to your tastes. A smaller diameter grip may make a huge difference in riding pleasure for people with tiny hands. A more aggressive rider could also like adding additional grip to the bars.

How to Pick the Best Seat for a Ski-Doo Snowmobile

We are aware that you desire to hike for a long period. Finding the ideal seat may increase the enjoyment of every mile. You could discover the ideal fit based on your riding style and inclinations. Aggressive riders often favor the basic seat's small, contoured feel. If you routinely ride in really cold circumstances, touring or high-mileage riders may want to consider a seat with a bit of additional padding or a heated seat. Those who wish to bring a companion along might think about a 2-UP seat with possibilities for heated grips and accessory hookups for the rider. Every kind of trail rider has a choice of seats.

Extra Command and Comfort

You make contact with the trail sled in places other than the seat and handlebars. Where your feet make contact with the sled is equally crucial for trail riders. Your feet serve as your foundation, and your desired riding style will determine how you use them while riding.

Some riders prefer the independence that the typical open footwell area offers. Aggressive riders may make sharp spins without risking snagging their boot in the floorboard. Others enjoy how the closed footwell makes them feel more "shut in." In this situation, they may consider incorporating lateral footplates on the Ski-Doo snowmobile that provide a more enclosed footwell. Some people find their feet to be most content somewhere in the middle, so Ski-Doo has offered riders the option to alter it to their liking.


It's a terrific idea to start your winter excursions off well by using our best Ski-Doo Snowmobile advice. When you are completely comfortable and in control during the whole ride, that Ski-Doo Feeling always seems much better. So, Munster Canada is here to help you make your snowmobiling experience more enjoyable with latest and innovative products! 

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