How to Prepare your Arctic Cat Snowmobile for Summer Storage

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Another fantastic riding season has ended, and it's time to shift gears to prepare for the summer months. However, it's a terrific time to work outdoors and in the snowmobile gear store when the weather gets warmer. Whenever there is more sludge and muck than snowfall on the tracks, it is appropriate to begin preparing your arctic cat snowmobile for its extended summertime sleep. 

Additionally, right now is the ideal time to prepare and safely store your snowmobile for the summer. You can also get some Arctic Cat snowmobile parts if you need them during preparations. The following are some pointers on properly storing your arctic cat snowmobile so it will be ready for the upcoming winter.

Tips to Prepare Your Arctic Cat Snowmobile for Summer Storage:-

Give It An Effective Cleaning.

The first thing you should do is cleanse your vehicle because rushing through to the snowfall all wintertime can bring salt and filth to accumulate on your vehicle.

In order to clear the helmet, passageway, seat, and nose pan, you can use cleaned hot and soapy water to clean the vehicle completely. 

You also need to spray an engine degreaser close to the oil reservoir and around the exhaust ports, the cleaner that cuts grease underneath the hood, and then thoroughly rinse everything off.

Clean Your Cover

After giving your snowmobile accessories a perfect cleaning, they look glossier and cleaner. Thus, putting a dirty cover on it will not be appropriate. 

It’s necessary for you to clean the cover as well. Several coverings can simply be thrown into the washing machines, making cleaning it up much simpler for you. Alternatively, you may wash it by hand using water and then soak it with a clean fabric.

Do Not Empty The Tank

It's unlikely that you want to empty the petrol tank of your arctic cat snowmobile before putting it away. Fuel injection is used in the majority of leds nowadays, and fuel is typically used to lubricate and protect engine components. Thus you should avoid draining the tank.

Fuel Stabilization

Over time, fuel can deteriorate and damage engine components. You can avoid this by adding a gasoline stabilizer to the tank. 

To determine how much fuel stabilizer to use depending on the amount of gas present in the tank, follow the instructions on the bottle. After adding cleaned fuel, turn on the engines for several minutes to ensure it is flowing properly.

Engine Fogging

The crankshaft components, rotating parts, as well as other engine components may be better protected against air and moisture, which can lead to corrosion and increase the risk of failure by having fogging oil applied around the inside of the Arctic Cat snowmobile accessories and engine.

The majority of automotive retail stores carry fogging oil, which is used to reduce the moisture content from metals to stop corrosion and create a protective barrier. The airbox, padding, and air horns should be removed so you can reach the carburetors or throttle bodies. Sprinkle the fog oil through each inlet of the reciprocating engine for a short while, then move on to the other cylinder.

Make The Grease Fittings Lubricant

While lubricating stabilizer components on your arctic cat snowmobile skis, will likely be a standard component of wintertime maintenance, it can be especially crucial just before storage. All the lubrication points should be coated to prevent rust and corrosion from water damage throughout the summer.

Take Off With It

After unhooking the springs, think about placing a jack stand underneath the rear bumper. Place the chassis's front end on a storage container to allow it to swing freely. The tracks and suspensions may be freed from stress, as a result extending their lifespan.

Eliminate The Critters

If you intend to keep your arctic cat snowmobile in a garage or shed, you must put it under the hood and on the tunnel to keep the rodents and other creatures away.

These are the essential elements you must implement while preparing your snowmobile for summer storage. If you have any queries regarding anything, don’t hesitate to contact us today!  

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