Sam Standing

Sam Standing




Pemberton, BC


Ski Doo Summit

What Munster products do you run:

Finger Throttle, Guard, Kill Switch, Reverse Switch, Brake Reservoir, Bar riser, Rail Brace Kit, Ski Bushing Stiffeners, T-Motion Delete, Pivot Arm, Replacement hood Emblem (adds an extra 10HP)!

What got you into snowmobiling:

It must have been around the age of 14 I got my first snowmobile. A 1983 Moto Ski Mirage II. I think it lasted a whole year before breaking the chassis in half on a backyard jump. Mountain snowmobiling really started for me after moving to Whistler in 2005. I worked as a mechanic at a local snowmobile tour company and I really took advantage of being able to refine my skills on company machines.

Favorite spot to ride: The steepest, deepest trees in Whistler, BC

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

I once broke my back once on a rather large drop. I was in the shower that morning and I knew I wanted to hit it. It was bigger than anything I’d dropped in the past so I was a bit nervous but ready. 70-80’ down to the sweet spot. When we arrived I investigated the snow in the landing and it was good to go. Over the bars deep. After building myself a little launch pad on a little finger of a cliff, I sent it… and stomped it! The feeling of being in a free fall for that long is something else. So much adrenaline. Time slows down. I landed, snow-blind through the bounce and on the second bounce I knew I was hurt. It comes down to your friends and riding partners at this point. I couldn’t have been with better people who were ready to respond. They had me fully packaged on a spine board before the heli arrived thanks to the local snowmobile club’s first aid cache. Big thanks to Whistler SAR, Blackcomb Snowmobile, Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club and my rad friends on that day!