Riley Suhan

Riley Suhan




Golden, BC


2023 Ski-Doo Expert Turbo 154”

What Munster products do you run:

Finger throttle, Kill switch, Reverse switch, Rail brace, Ski bushing saver, Munster CFR bar

What got you into snowmobiling:

Grew up in Golden BC exploring the Mountains with my family. My parents purchased a mini Z for me when I was 3 and I have been hooked ever since. 


Favorite spot to ride:

Any spot that has a blank canvas of deep fresh
snow and a crew of eager friends to burn a tank of fuel as fast as possible

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

In 2019 randomly decided to see if I was even capable of shaping a steep enough jump that would resemble a “backflip jump”. I told all my buddies to continue riding and check on me in a few hours cause I just felt like shoveling. Kyle Saxton showed up and demanded to help dig. He and I finished a beautiful-looking jump. I told myself that if it didn’t feel right I’d ditch the jump and catch up with the crew again. Buuuut everything seemed to feel just right to me and I went for my first backflip and pulled it off! Borchers also told me where I was going to land (on the flat on “that little tree top”) and he was accurate within a few inches.