Niclas Mader

Niclas Mader




Alberta, Canada


2023 Polaris Khaos 155 9R Slash

What Munster products do you run:

Munster Finger Throttle and Kill switch

What got you into snowmobiling:

I got into snowmobiling around the age of 12. Started on a 1972 Skidoo Elan 250cc. Long story short from that day forward I was hooked. I progressed lots over the years. Very first sledding film I watched was Slednecks 8. After that I decided sledding was something I wanted to pursue as a serious hobby. I started to ride in the mountains in 2013, and from there forward it has lead me to meeting many amazing people/ new friends. I now work with so many amazing companies/products and get to push my limits and also products every season. The feeling of freedom up on the hill with all your friends and those big hits of adrenaline are two things I cant get enough of and a big reason I keep pushing every season. This sport is a true passion of mine that will never fade.

Favorite spot to ride:
Revelstoke, Blue River

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

This is a very hard one as almost every day I get to ride is an amazing one, that being said last season the Sweden boys came to Revelstoke. We rode for a week straight together and that truly was awesome. I have had a 270 flip bugging me for a few seasons now. On the last day of riding Andrea and Alben ask me “Hey Nic you want to do 270 flips today?” I said heck ya let's do it!!! So a bomber crew of us head out to Zipper Mouth Creek which is right close to Sugar in your gas tank. We had Cody Borchers, and Brett Turcotte, join us along with some amazing friends and filmers. We got to the spot and showed the take-off. Surrounding yourself with some of the best is a great way to progress because of the experience they have. So I’m getting ready, GoPro on, filmers rolling, nerves are there and Andreas says “Nic remember #1 rule don’t let go and full gas HAHA so I did just that and stomped my first 270flip. The feeling I got was something you can't even explain. I have many more goals and I will keep pushing to reach them.