Nadine Overwater

Nadine Overwater




Revelstoke, BC


2023 Skidoo Expert - hoping 154" but not 100% sure yet... also running 2022 Skidoo Turbo Expert 165

What Munster products do you run:

Throttle, Brake reservoir,Bars, Rail braces, switches, everything actually lol...

What got you into snowmobiling:

Snowboarding and the transition to leaving the board behind. Also, the ease of getting access and freedom to go wherever my sled will take me. The addiction.

Favorite spot to ride: Anywhere I haven't been before. I love feature terrain that I can play on and I like the challenge of getting there - that means I will have zones to myself.

Craziest or most memorable riding story:

One time following Rob Alford into a secret hidden zone on a prototype sled that I was afraid to even put a scratch on. It took every bit of my ability to get in there and the only thing I was thinking about the entire ride was how I was going to have enough energy to get out. I was scared the whole day and wondering why the hell I put myself through this stress - but in the end, I made it (only a few scratches ha) and it turned out to be one of the most memorable rides of the season last year. But I have also been blessed with traveling far and wide and riding in amazing places like Sweden and Alaska and can't believe how lucky I am to be able to explore these places on sleds.