Why should you use the best handlebar riser for your snowmobile?

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Nowadays, companies are working on increasing the manufacturing of snowmobiles that don't need extra customization. But the catch is they can't make such snowmobiles that don’t need the best handlebar risers. It would not meet everyone's height and size. Whenever Individuals start to customize the sled, the handlebar is always the one last that needs to be customized. The first thing individuals focus on customizing is the power and weight but leaving one important thing is the handlebar that connects the whole sled. Of course, power is an important aspect, but to control and handle your snowmobile, you need snowmobile handlebar risers. Here we have mentioned some important benefits of installing the best handlebar risers in your snowmobile:

Better Support for active riders

Handlebar risers might not be required if you don't stand while riding the snowmobile. But if you consider yourself an active rider, customizing your snowmobile with the best handlebar risers is the first thing that you should consider. Installing the handlebar risers for Arctic Cat snowmobiles greatly impacts the performance of your snowmobile. Have you ever tried riding the snowmobile with the stock-height handlebar risers? If yes, then you would know how difficult it is to ride with the standard handlebars. If you bend over while riding, your knees will likely get hurt as you will not get support from the handlebars.

Rise fast with the best handlebar risers

With the best handlebar risers, you will be able to stand up in an upright position for a longer time. You can put more weight behind bars as you will be straight up in your torso. It may prove advantageous because you won't be tired enough. You can relax by hunching yourself behind the handlebars, giving you support and comfort. On the other hand, it will help you to move your snowmobile easier and faster with your muscles. This implies that you can move more quickly and turn more forcefully to maximize performance.

How can the best handlebar risers help in different riding styles?

If you'd love to ride in different styles or there are more individuals who run your snowmobile, using the adjustable handlebar riser would be a perfect solution. Our best handlebar risers are adjustable that amazingly adjust to different needs and requirements. 

They can be mounted on any "T-stem" width thanks to the independent risers, and they include a replaceable insert that lets you utilize them with either 7/8" or 1 1/8" bars. With the wrench-free levers on the ROX adaptable handlebar risers for Arctic Cat snowmobiles, you can quickly change the height.

You may ride in more styles in one day thanks to the risers' adjustability without sacrificing performance. When you're worn out from riding in the backcountry or ditch bashing, you might just want to sit down and cruise the path back to your house. You may lift the bars to the level that provides you with the most leverage and comfort when standing up and riding hard. You may drop the bars back down to a more reasonable height for that riding posture once you're on the trail and have your behind resting on the seat.

The best handlebar risers are also ideal for sharing a snowmobile with riders of various sizes. The sled will only accommodate one rider with permanent risers or factory configurations. They can be swiftly relocated thanks to the adjustable risers, allowing everyone to take full use of the sled's capabilities. This is a great option for both families and men who have let their friends use their sled while they go for a ride. If you can quickly set up the sled for them, you'll be able to wow them more.


There are a few things you should think about if you decide to purchase the best handlebar risers. The wires will need to be extended if the bars are being raised significantly. Extension kits and extended cables can easily adjust your wires' length. It's important to check the length of the wire before installing it to ensure that turning won't be hindered in any manner.

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