Ski Doo T Motion Delete Kit - Helping Suspension Setup

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Undoubtedly, your riding experience will depend greatly on your suspension setup. Suspension is crucial for various reasons, including the power transmitted to the ground, how easily you can maneuver and control your sled, and how you experience it. You may become utterly worn out from battling with your suspension and utterly angry at the sled's lack of responsiveness.

The suspension of these vehicles wasn't given much attention in units made before 1990. The ride was somewhat clumsy and unsteady. Fast-forward to 2013, and you'll see some of the most technologically sophisticated vehicles ever created, with suspension serving as one of the key selling points of the snowmobile parts available today.

Using the Ski Doo T motion delete kit, you may eliminate the suspension or side-to-side motion of the Ski Doo T motion skid. By maintaining the skid flat rather than swaying side to side, the Ski Doo T motion delete kit significantly enhances your power to retain a steep side hill and your performance on the trails and bumps.

What is Ski Doo T- motion Kit?

The Ski Doo T motion delete kit is one of the most important snowmobile parts that makes your snowmobile considerably more stable and manageable by eliminating any irregular lateral movement. This kit is made from stainless steel, which offers faultless durability in addition to being extremely resistant to corrosion.

The main features of Ski Doo T Motion Kit are 

  • Better side hilling
  • Enhance trail and bump ability
  • Maintaining your skid level and flatter around corners
  • Eliminates side-to-side motion.

When was T Motion Delete Mechanism Released?

The redesigned rear suspension, known as 2013 tMotion, was introduced by Ski-Doo last spring as a part of their portfolio of 2013 Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Because the suspension bends, the snowmobile will remain on the edges when turned into a sidehill, making it simpler to carve and manage in heavy snow.

How does Ski Doo T Motion Delete work?

The Ski Doo T Motion Delete mechanism significantly minimizes rear-end washout during side-hilling, and a Ski Doo T motion delete kit stabilizes your motorcycle and deletes T-motion. It includes a brass bushing on a stainless steel sleeve. Uses your rear swing arm as a solid, single-axis pivot instead of your T-motion crosslinking joint to stop any side-to-side motion.

The skid and single ball joint split allow the skid to articulate two degrees on each side as the rider leans the sled to begin a carve turn or sidehill. No matter how difficult the snow is, the rider will feel more confident holding a sidehill and carving. The rider is able to achieve new levels of riding enjoyment because of this confidence, which is what it's all about. In fact, due to Ski Doo T Motion delete mechanism, it is commonplace to see rookie riders side-hilling everywhere.


Riders mostly want to use the Ski Doo T motion delete kit mechanism for technical side-hilling. By locking T-motion, you lessen the skid's propensity to ascend the slope while attempting to keep a steady side hill. In other words, it treads better on a side hill, especially in snow conditions with crust layers and windblown layers, enhancing your capacity to hold a steep side hill. Your performance on the path and over bumps may also be enhanced. With the help of Ski Doo T motion delete kit, riders maintain the skid level as opposed to moving the machine side to side through a turn, keeping it straighter and more stable off bump landings.

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