5 Best Snowmobile Accessories for Backcountry Snowmobiling

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The world of backcountry snowmobiling is incredibly enjoyable, thrilling, and challenging all at once. In the last few decades, snowmobiling has become an extremely prevalent winter sport, which implies that whenever the snow falls, more and more individuals are hitting the trails and mountains. If you're one of those adventurous sorts, you could be excited about going snowmobiling in the backcountry. This is really a fantastic way to maximize the most of your snowmobile experience and indulge in plenty of stunning, pure winter scenery.

If you’re thinking or preparing for a huge imminent trip or working and arranging in your spare time, you should consider what you must do in order to get the most out of this fascinating activity. Going on a snowmobile ride in the backcountry? Built a list? Still unsure that you have all the equipment required for a successful excursion on your snowmobile? Don't worry; we've compiled a list of the top 5 best snowmobile accessories you must have for backcountry snowmobiling.

Since "snowmobile accessories" obviously refers to a broad spectrum of products, we'll simply suggest that they'll enhance performance, comfort, and fun. You need snowmobiling accessories to give you a dependable, maintainable sled, a means of communicating with other riders, a place to keep your gear, and more. If you take care of these accessories, your time out and about is sure to be enjoyable and stress-free. Naturally, different riding styles will require the best snowmobile accessories accordingly.

To keep this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best snowmobile accessories you must bring with you on your tour.

  1.   A Skid plate

The first thing you must have on your list is a skid plate. If you're going to explore the adventure, being a rider in deep snow requires specialized snowmobiling gear to safeguard your vehicle from objects buried beneath the snowfall. This also needs better grasp areas in order to free yourself when you become stuck. A skid plate is one of these snowmobile necessities, helping to shield the sled's underside against pebbles, stumps, and stakes. Regarding greater leverage, we suggest you connect it with optional front or rear bumpers while dragging or lifting. This will add height for easy access in deep snow.

  1.   A Riser block

Riders prefer to modify the handlebar height to suit their riding style and body type using a fixed or movable riser block, such as handlebar risers. You should consider the best riser block by exploring the various kinds of riser blocks and choosing the best that suits your needs. In terms of improving handling, convenience, and stability, you can raise your handlebars to an elevation that best suits your riding position with riser block packages. A 2" riser block kit doesn't often require cables or wiring to be changed in snowmobiles.

  1.   Deep Snow Pro Bag

It's simple to transport more stuff by inserting a convenient cargo bag such as the Snowboarding Deeper Snow Professional Bag. The second set of gloves, goggles, drink, food, or any other essential items you require could be included. Whatever sled you jump on will fit the full array of deep snow pro bags.

  1.   Premium Toolbox

The premium toolbox satisfies all of your needs and is necessary for every vehicle due to includes the best snowmobile accessories, such as ski doo bushings and ski doo rev brake switch. You never know when you or a fellow rider might require it, and if you have this one, you don’t need to stop enjoying fun, and it will always be the best option to carry with you.

  1.   Adjustable Toe holds

The adjustable toe holds are the final item you need to bring while snowmobiling. While tearing through the snow, this essential snowmobiling toe hold keeps your feet steady and attached to the sled.

However, it's essential that you thoroughly prepare with your Polaris snowmobiles accessories and yourself before leaving. All the mentioned best snowmobile accessories are necessary, and you must carry them. Munster Canada to buy the best snowmobile accessories near me! We have a wide range of accessories to keep your snowmobile running longer. Shop now!

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Tips for setting up a Ski-Doo snowmobile

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A trail snowmobile customized to your unique riding tastes and style might be the difference between a decent ride and finding something extraordinary. Let us shed some light on the ideal customized sled configuration for your size, riding style, and terrain.

Choose the Best Windshield for Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Wind protection is a key consideration when deciding whether to add a few more kilometers or stop for the day early. Your preferred windscreen for your sled will depend on your riding style and regular riding circumstances. There are many alternatives available, from minimal to extremely high wind protection and even movable windshields. Side panel deflectors that guide the wind around your body can provide even more protection while also assisting in keeping you warm.

Position of the throttle and brake levers

Your sled's movement is ultimately controlled by the throttle and brake levers on your Ski-Doo snowmobile skis. Having them placed is crucial so you can manage them the most comfortable. Do not be reluctant to modify them for comfort and elegance. Although it depends on personal inclination, the majority of Ski-Doo snowmobile riders align the throttle lever with the handlebar. You can fully control the throttle and have a full range of motion by setting it so that it is approximately an inch from the inner edge of the hand grip.

Most riders usually position their index finger in the middle or somewhat at the bottom of the brake lever, which should be perpendicular to the handlebar on the brake side. In this posture, you have maximum control and strength while applying pressure.

Handlebar Height and Position

One of the most important parts of the Ski-Doo snowmobile setup that is sometimes ignored is the proper location and height of the handlebar riser. There are several different heights for handlebar risers. Additionally, they are available with adjustable riser choices to accommodate various riders or adapt to varying demands. Ensure that your riser is always perpendicular to the sled's steering post. This offers you a stronger leverage point and the fewest inputs from the skis through the handlebars.

Rolling the bars will allow you to adjust your handlebar position further. Simply release the four screws and the handlebar's pivot to move the bars a few millimeters for the perfect riding.

With several handlebar grips, you may further tailor the handlebars' feel to your tastes. A smaller diameter grip may make a huge difference in riding pleasure for people with tiny hands. A more aggressive rider could also like adding additional grip to the bars.

How to Pick the Best Seat for a Ski-Doo Snowmobile

We are aware that you desire to hike for a long period. Finding the ideal seat may increase the enjoyment of every mile. You could discover the ideal fit based on your riding style and inclinations. Aggressive riders often favor the basic seat's small, contoured feel. If you routinely ride in really cold circumstances, touring or high-mileage riders may want to consider a seat with a bit of additional padding or a heated seat. Those who wish to bring a companion along might think about a 2-UP seat with possibilities for heated grips and accessory hookups for the rider. Every kind of trail rider has a choice of seats.

Extra Command and Comfort

You make contact with the trail sled in places other than the seat and handlebars. Where your feet make contact with the sled is equally crucial for trail riders. Your feet serve as your foundation, and your desired riding style will determine how you use them while riding.

Some riders prefer the independence that the typical open footwell area offers. Aggressive riders may make sharp spins without risking snagging their boot in the floorboard. Others enjoy how the closed footwell makes them feel more "shut in." In this situation, they may consider incorporating lateral footplates on the Ski-Doo snowmobile that provide a more enclosed footwell. Some people find their feet to be most content somewhere in the middle, so Ski-Doo has offered riders the option to alter it to their liking.


It's a terrific idea to start your winter excursions off well by using our best Ski-Doo Snowmobile advice. When you are completely comfortable and in control during the whole ride, that Ski-Doo Feeling always seems much better. So, Munster Canada is here to help you make your snowmobiling experience more enjoyable with latest and innovative products! 

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How to Prepare your Arctic Cat Snowmobile for Summer Storage

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Another fantastic riding season has ended, and it's time to shift gears to prepare for the summer months. However, it's a terrific time to work outdoors and in the snowmobile gear store when the weather gets warmer. Whenever there is more sludge and muck than snowfall on the tracks, it is appropriate to begin preparing your arctic cat snowmobile for its extended summertime sleep. 

Additionally, right now is the ideal time to prepare and safely store your snowmobile for the summer. You can also get some Arctic Cat snowmobile parts if you need them during preparations. The following are some pointers on properly storing your arctic cat snowmobile so it will be ready for the upcoming winter.

Tips to Prepare Your Arctic Cat Snowmobile for Summer Storage:-

Give It An Effective Cleaning.

The first thing you should do is cleanse your vehicle because rushing through to the snowfall all wintertime can bring salt and filth to accumulate on your vehicle.

In order to clear the helmet, passageway, seat, and nose pan, you can use cleaned hot and soapy water to clean the vehicle completely. 

You also need to spray an engine degreaser close to the oil reservoir and around the exhaust ports, the cleaner that cuts grease underneath the hood, and then thoroughly rinse everything off.

Clean Your Cover

After giving your snowmobile accessories a perfect cleaning, they look glossier and cleaner. Thus, putting a dirty cover on it will not be appropriate. 

It’s necessary for you to clean the cover as well. Several coverings can simply be thrown into the washing machines, making cleaning it up much simpler for you. Alternatively, you may wash it by hand using water and then soak it with a clean fabric.

Do Not Empty The Tank

It's unlikely that you want to empty the petrol tank of your arctic cat snowmobile before putting it away. Fuel injection is used in the majority of leds nowadays, and fuel is typically used to lubricate and protect engine components. Thus you should avoid draining the tank.

Fuel Stabilization

Over time, fuel can deteriorate and damage engine components. You can avoid this by adding a gasoline stabilizer to the tank. 

To determine how much fuel stabilizer to use depending on the amount of gas present in the tank, follow the instructions on the bottle. After adding cleaned fuel, turn on the engines for several minutes to ensure it is flowing properly.

Engine Fogging

The crankshaft components, rotating parts, as well as other engine components may be better protected against air and moisture, which can lead to corrosion and increase the risk of failure by having fogging oil applied around the inside of the Arctic Cat snowmobile accessories and engine.

The majority of automotive retail stores carry fogging oil, which is used to reduce the moisture content from metals to stop corrosion and create a protective barrier. The airbox, padding, and air horns should be removed so you can reach the carburetors or throttle bodies. Sprinkle the fog oil through each inlet of the reciprocating engine for a short while, then move on to the other cylinder.

Make The Grease Fittings Lubricant

While lubricating stabilizer components on your arctic cat snowmobile skis, will likely be a standard component of wintertime maintenance, it can be especially crucial just before storage. All the lubrication points should be coated to prevent rust and corrosion from water damage throughout the summer.

Take Off With It

After unhooking the springs, think about placing a jack stand underneath the rear bumper. Place the chassis's front end on a storage container to allow it to swing freely. The tracks and suspensions may be freed from stress, as a result extending their lifespan.

Eliminate The Critters

If you intend to keep your arctic cat snowmobile in a garage or shed, you must put it under the hood and on the tunnel to keep the rodents and other creatures away.

These are the essential elements you must implement while preparing your snowmobile for summer storage. If you have any queries regarding anything, don’t hesitate to contact us today!  

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Modify Your Snowmobile with Cool Snowmobile Accessories

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Your snowmobile should be as unique as you are, which is why there are so many options available to personalize your snowmobile. Modifying your snowmobile not only includes enhancing the aesthetics but also includes enhancing the performance of your snowmobile. 

We have compiled some common snowmobile accessories for customization to consider before starting your snowmobile excursion:

  1.  Running Boards

One of the most frequent snowmobile accessories people use for customization is the running board. Running board aftermarket alternatives are often designed to decrease snow accumulation. The accumulation of snow on your running boards might create a very hazardous scenario. It can lead to loss of control.

Aftermarket running boards come in a number of different designs, including inserts. With a little patience, these boards are relatively easy to install, and they typically cost approximately $240 for a pair. Your boards won't lose their power or consistency if you install them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  1.  Cans

Aftermarket cans reduce weight and give your snowmobile a bit more oomph. The outcome is more of a reaction enhancer than a clear increase in horsepower; cans can truly make a difference.

Steer clear of handmade cans and cans that have been "refurbished" from other sources. You are essentially inviting a headache. Here, word of mouth may work in your favor. Before you participate, consider what the general public has to say. The tell-tale clue of whether or not certain snowmobile accessories will work for your experiences in the field. Some cans have a very loud sound. Make sure to inquire about the noise output from the parts guy at your nearby sled shop before purchasing if this is not what you want.

  1.  Venting

It's a smart option to vent your sled. Vents assist in extending the life of your drive belt and keep your sled operating at a lower temperature. There are several possibilities that vents are not out of your budget. The business 2 Cool Air Vents provides innovative choices to customize your journey further. It appears that custom screen printing of patterns or logos is rather common.

  1.  Wraps and powder coating

Wraps and custom powder coating assist your sled shed snow in addition to giving it some shine and pop. This can result in significant weight reductions on days with exceptionally thick snowfall. When it's time to sell your sled, the wraps and other snowmobile accessories will help keep the stock looking as good as new.

  1.  Handlebar risers

The popularity of the best handlebar risers started roughly four years ago. Most people assumed your leverage would increase as you rose in the hierarchy. While having a sled tailored to your height is fantastic, some people have gone too far.

In particular, on a steep slope, a lower bar is thought to create better control and leverage. If your bars are already too high, it leaves you nowhere to go when you try to lay your snowboard over onto a sidehill position, making it harder to get your sled on edge.

You'll also need to install cable extensions if you go too high. Many riders are lowering their handlebar risers with a straightforward RSI handlebar setup, such as those who possess a Polaris Pro-RMK.

  1.  Tracks

Many people find success switching from a stock track to a bespoke track. Customizing your track with snowmobile accessories will give you an advantage on the terrain where you ride; just make sure you leave room for balancing.

A three-inch track can offer incredible grip, comparable to that of a tractor, but once you're in heavy snow, it might not float as it would with your standard track.


In conclusion, your machine was created to be flexible, trustworthy capable of operating at various heights and under various circumstances. The manufacturers claim that a typical sled should be rideable immediately out of the box. Custom clutches, engine modifications, and other snowmobile accessories, in particular, may limit some of the snowmobile's adaptability, especially if those modifications are made to improve performance. Enjoy your sled, but think carefully before making any modifications.

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Best Accessories And Things To Keep When Going For Snowmobile Excursion

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Winter can really be fun for adventure lovers. The scenic views, thrill, and outdoor fun with friends while snowmobiling is one of the best experiences you'll ever have. But before heading up for your adventurous experience, you should ensure that you have the best accessories for snowmobile to be safe and secure. Here we have prepared a list of the best accessories for snowmobile expeditions:

Checklist for your snowmobile expedition:

The first thing that you should not miss is layered clothing. This way, you'll stay warm, cozy, and well-ready for your snowmobile expedition.

Check out that you have the right helmet size to ensure it snuggles your chin perfectly. You'll have clearer vision and protection from the wind with the right size of helmet.

Make sure to add the necessities like:

  • Food: one meal and emergency rations
  • A map and compass
  • Plenty of water
  • Waterproof matches
  • A first-aid kit

Keep others informed of your plans

Naturally, you hope that when snowmobiling, you never find yourself stuck or in a hazardous scenario. However, you should ensure that someone knows where to locate you if you require assistance.

Make a trip plan and inform a relative or acquaintance of your intended destination and return time. Your friend could alert the authorities if you haven't returned when you promised so they can start looking for you. If something goes wrong, telling someone where you're going might make the difference between life and death.

Notice the speed

Follow a safe speed limit. The leading cause of snowmobile deaths is speed. Each state has its own snowmobile operating regulations, including speed limitations. Therefore, become familiar with the regulations in the state where you are snowmobiling.

Check the weather

Avoid scheduling a ride if bad weather is forecast. Your vision, response time, and sense of direction can all be impacted by being stranded in inclement weather. Riding on lakes or rivers is not a good idea, especially if the ice has flowing water underneath it. Consider wearing a life jacket over your outer garments if you must bike on ice.

Avoid drink and ride.

Never drive a snowmobile when intoxicated. So's a fallacy that alcohol can keep you warm in the cold, despite some people believing it. Actually, it does not affect increasing body temperature. In fact, it could make hypothermia more likely to happen to you. Your body temperature is dropping, yet you feel untruly warm. Additionally, drinking reduces your capacity for rational decision-making when riding.

Don't forget to keep the best accessories for snowmobile

When prepping up for your snowmobile ride, buy the best accessories from Munster Canada, a snowmobile gear store. We have the best-in-class gear for all your Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Ski-Doo snowmobile to ensure a safe ride. Our bar risers and kill switch for snowmobile are some of the must-haves for your snowmobile expedition.

Join a snowmobile tour

Finding parking for the towing vehicle is a drawback of snowmobile travel. There is no assurance that there will be enough parking at the hotel or B&B where you are staying. You should also think about how risky pulling a trailer in the snow is to visit new locations.

Modern snowmobiles are kept in fleets by tour firms. You won't have to worry about acquiring gas prior to starting the trails.


Snowmobiling is a fantastic way to explore the countryside and take advantage of the snow, provided you are adequately equipped, vigilant, and follow all safety regulations. You may go to far-off locations and take in some breathtaking landscapes. When it comes to buying the best accessories for snowmobile, Munster Canada is the right place! We have the best accessories for snowmobile that will keep you safe while riding through the lofty peaks and the beautiful deep canyons.
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