This is the mantra of owner Andrew Munster. From a young age Andrew has been inventing. With a love for innovation and a perspective that nothing is ever good enough, he always strived to exceed expectations. Growing up in Whistler BC, with some of the worlds best mountain terrain, Andrew has had the unique opportunity to immerse himself in the snow sports he loves. With a passion for mountain sledding and product development, his creativity in filming and photography show the quality and dedication in all that he does. “Munster joins together my passion, creativity and skill sets into one.”

You can trust that when you buy Munster, you’re buying the best in quality, performance, and design - Munster is where function and aesthetics meet. 

All of our products are designed, machined, and assembled at our workshop in Squamish, BC. Product testing continues as long as there’s snow on the ground, and when the powder’s gone, it’s back to the drawing board to further innovate, improve, and refine.

Our passion fuels progression, not only in our riding but in our products as well. From the humble beginnings of the finger throttle, Munster continues to expand and refine its innovations to meet the demands of todays riders. We are a rider driven company, constantly looking for ways to improve performance to make "doing what we love" more enjoyable.