Polaris Throttle - Essential Component for the Operation of your Snowmobile

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The snowmobile's main control system is the Polaris throttle. If it malfunctions, the operator may lose control and suffer severe injuries or even die. Before starting the snowmobile, ensure the brake and Polaris throttle levers are working properly.

Make absolutely sure the throttle lever contracts easily and uniformly while monitoring the throttle. The lever should return without binding or delaying to the idle position as soon as it is released. Don't really start the engine if the Polaris throttle is not operating smoothly. Get the throttle serviced before operating the snowmobile.

The coming riding season is an excellent time to finish a necessary but occasionally disregarded maintenance task: examining and replacing the throttle cable. The Polaris throttle wire is a crucial link since it links your body and mind to the brain of your machine. Throttle cables that are worn, broken, misaligned, or corroded can make riding hazardous and affect the engine performance. Let's get started with this routine maintenance job.

  • Before starting the vehicle each day, check the throttle safety switch Polaris.
  • The throttle safety switch Polaris is set up to turn off the engine when all pressure is withdrawn from the throttle levers, and neither the throttle wire nor the levers return to their normal closed positions.

    Maintain the Polaris throttle lever pin in place while the engine is running by applying pressure to the pivot pin. Open the throttle just a little bit. The engine must be turned off using a switch that operates as designed.

    Before use, check the throttle safety switch Polaris mechanism every day.

    • Take a seat.
    • Allow the engine to the idle position after starting it.
    • Keep the throttle lever pin still by applying pressure to the pivot pin in the right position.
    • Just a little throttle should be used. The engine must be turned off using a switch that operates as designed.

    When all pressure is released from the throttle lever, and the throttle cable or valve does not revert to the normally closed position, the throttle safety switch Polaris is intended to shut off the engine.

    The safety switch may trigger if the throttle cable starts to have too much movement, which will stop the engine from igniting. You can take the machine to your local, authorized Polaris throttle dealer for repair if the engine won't start and a throttle safety switch issue is detected.

  • Periodically lubricate the throttle cable. 
  • Maintaining a clean throttle body is essential to keeping your automobile operating smoothly since it controls how much air is injected into your engine. Throttle body cleaning is a crucial aspect of car maintenance since the throttle body plays a key role in the smooth operation of the engine.

    Riders should lubricate their snowmobile control cables once a year or anytime the throttle starts to stick.Do this with the engine off at all times. 

  • Use one finger to control the throttle while allowing your thumb to grip the handlebar by using the finger throttle lever mechanism. 
  • It improves grip and the riding experience by replacing the standard thumb throttle. In the finger throttle mechanism, the thumb should hold the handlebars while one finger is used to regulate the Polaris throttle.


    The Polaris throttle cable may appear to be a simple part of your snowmobile, but if it is not properly maintained or replaced, it might make it impossible for you to ride. Check for damage by visually inspecting the throttle cord. Concern should be expressed if any cracks, kinks, corrosion, or significantly worn regions result from friction. As much visually as possible, thoroughly check the cable that connects the throttle grip to the Polaris throttle body/carburetor.

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